LUAD stands for Lutherans United Assisting After Disasters. We are your disaster recovery group serving the ELCA South Central Synod of Wisconsin (see our service area on the map). Our mission is to assist disaster survivors through the initial stages of recovery. We help survivors bridge the gap between the initial disaster and what is needed to get them back to the ‘business of family/individuals”, basically back to a state of normalcy. God has blessed us in 2019 as we had no callouts for our services.  In 2020 our Synod area has stayed clear of natural disasters.  However LUAD is using our resources to assist in the disaster of the Covid19 pandemic by providing grant money for food pantries and related needs throughout the Synod.  

We are all volunteers and we hope to grow our awareness and representation so we have congregational contacts at each of the churches in our Synod area. We would be delighted to share more information with you as to how LUAD works. If you have interest, contact me at Info@LUAD.org or by calling our toll-free number (888) 237-0433.  

This website has recently gone through a major renovation. We have been working on making it more user friendly and informative. Check out the various tabs and let us know your thoughts, ideas for improvement, or where more information is needed. 

God bless!

Rob Malewicki | LUAD President

Synod Map

Want to learn more about our amazing volunteer-led organization? Check out our facebook page!  Or watch a short 2 minute YouTube video here: Video